The South Shore District Soccer Association (SSDSA)  is the governing body sanctioned by Soccer Nova Scotion to provide organized soccer to the South Shore (Lunenburg & Queens County). As described by Soccer Nova Scotia and the SSDSA bylaws; the SSDSA is comprised of member clubs and affiliated refereee assoication. Club Members consist of Chester District Soccer Association, HB Thunder FC, Mahone Bay Youth Soccer Club, Queen District Soccer Association, Lunenburg United (West Nova Fuels) Soccer Club, South Shore United FC, and Upper County United

Within SSDSA, decisions are made by Members, the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, SSDSA Committees, and Operations (i.e. Staff).The Membership is the top decision-making body. The Membership meets at least once per annum at its Annual General Meeting. When necessary, a Special General Meeting of the Membership may be held. Responsibilities of the Membership are outlined in the Bylaws. The Membership elects the Board of Directors.

Membership voting at the AGM is allocated to the Club Members based one vote per registered summer team and one vote for mini program (i.e. U6/U8). The Board of Directors consists of member Club Representatives (ie Club Presidents), South Shore Referee Association Representative and Directors-at- Large. The powers of the Board of Directors are vested to direct the affairs of the South Shore District Soccer Association as outlined in the Bylaws. Between General Meetings of its members, the Board of Directors has the power to develop or update policies and procedures, or to strike committees or perform other tasks as so required to carry out the business of the SSDSA.
Regular Meetings of the Board of Directors are not open to the membership unless a request is made two weeks in advance of the meeting or invited by the Executive and/or Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is supported by a number of Committees, and delegate’s  authority to each committee by approving its objectives, membership, duties and responsibilities. Each SSDSA Committee consists of a Chair and Members.Each Chair is appointed by the Board of Directors based on the recommendation of the President or, in the case where the Chair is an Officer, is elected at an AGM. Other committee members are selected either by the Committee Chair in consultation with Board of Directors or as outlined under specific Committeepolicies. Staff members, as required, provide support for committees. The role of each committee is to assist the Board of Directors in directing the  affairs of SSDSA as defined in the “Committees” Policies and Procedures.