Coaches Pathway Tool Kit

Canada Soccer Coaches Pathway Tool Kit

The role of the coach

Teacher. Mentor. Role model. Cheerleader. Parent. Occasional disciplinarian.

Soccer coaches wear many different hats, particularly when they’re training young players, many of whom are lacing up their cleats for the first time. You might find yourself leading a fun activity one minute and reining in a distracted player the next.

You must be flexible, because a session or drill that was meant to last 10 minutes might need to be switched up after half that time to keep the players engaged.

Above all, make sure everyone is enjoying the session—including you.

Being a coach is demanding, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. There’s nothing quite like witnessing the thrill a young player gets when they score their first goal, or make a fantastic pass. And the lessons a child learns from a good coach can last a lifetime.

The objective isn’t just to develop better soccer players—it’s to develop wellrounded people who are disciplined, persistent and able to work well with others.

Shaping the lives of young people is a tremendous responsibility. As a coach, you must do everything you can to foster a player’s love for the game, and to help them achieve their potential.

Good coaches seek out new ways to develop their knowledge of the game and how players learn. These toolkits are designed to get you started.

Canada Soccer Pathway Coach’s Tool Kits: 

Canada Soccer Pathway Coach’s Tool Kit: Stage One – Active Start Players U-4 to U-6

Canada Soccer Pathway Coach’s Tool Kit: Stage Two – FUNdamentals Players F U-6 to U-8 / M U-6 to U-9​

Canada Soccer Pathway Coach’s Tool Kit: Stage Three – Learning to Train Players F U-8 to U-11 / M U-9 to U-12

Canada Soccer believes every player deserves the best possible soccer experience.

Whether they dream of playing for Canada’s National Team or simply want to have fun with their friends, taking the right approach to the game when children are young sets the stage for a lifetime of enjoyment.

The Canada Soccer Pathway provides a roadmap for players of all ages and aspirations who want to play soccer at the recreation, competitive or high performance EXCEL levels, with the aim of encouraging lifelong participation. The Pathway is built around the principles of Long-Term Player Development (LTPD).