Message from HBSSC

The following protocols have been put in place, effective immediately. It will be appreciated if you all share with your members and users.

  • Travel to Halifax: - Travel to Halifax for medical appointments/work/essential reasons will continue to be tolerated. Please continue to do your part in ensuring your safety when traveling to ‘hot spots’ within our province, by ensuring a 6ft social distance, continuing to wear face-masks at all times, and sanitizing your hands frequently. *If you have plans to travel for 'leisure' - ie shopping, social outings/gatherings etc, kindly do not come into our facility for 14 days as we are seeing a huge uprise in Covid exposures to high traffic establishments. - 
  • Travel to ‘Hot Spots’ Within the Bubble: If you have traveled to any 'Hot Spot' areas in the Atlantic Bubble within the last 14 days, please do not come into the facility. We are seeing significantly more community spread, and want to do our part in limiting any potential exposures. 
  • Gatherings in Halifax: We are asking anyone who was in a high traffic Halifax area within the last 14 days WITHOUT a mask to please do not come into our facility as community spread is quickly becoming much more significant. These places include large gatherings greater than 10 where masks are not enforced (house parties), high traffic restaurants & physical fitness centers located in the HRM, or any other 'Hot Spot' region in the Atlantic Bubble.
  • There has been a significant rise in ‘exposure sites,’ particularly in the HRM. Please continue to check these exposure sites online. If you or a member of your household has been to any locations with possible or confirmed Covid exposure, please do not come into our facility for 14 days.  Remember to monitor for symptoms, and call 811 immediately if you begin to feel unwell with new or worsening Covid related symptoms.

A list of potential exposures can be found here:

Please continue to follow our current measures which have been working great so far. A quick refresher:

-Please continue to self monitor before entering the building and do not enter if you have symptoms.

-Please show up no more than Fifteen minutes prior to your booking to allow us time to properly clean our space, minimize cross over of users & to avoid unexpected contact with other users.

-Sanitize or wash your hands when entering facility.

-Continue to be honest with us! Contact us immediately if you begin to feel unwell before, during or after your booking. 

-Continue to wear your mask at all times in the common areas while at HB Studios Sports Centre. Including coming in our door, washroom breaks and leaving the facility.

Thank you so much for your continued business, support, and compliance during this unsettling time. We are doing our best, and working with what we have each day to provide you with the best possible experience given the circumstances. Your safety is, and always will be our top priority!

I know how hard this is but we want to remain open and ensure all our tenants, users and staff remain healthy and covid free!