Skills Centre – Player Development

The Skill Centre is a holistic, player centred, approach to development that will compliment the existing Club programs on the South Shore.

Skills Centre – Player Development
The Skill Centre is a holistic, player centred, approach to development that will compliment the existing Club programs on the South Shore.  The program will be made available to boys and girls registered in the U9, U11, U13 age groups and will provide supplementary training from qualified coaches through a centralized player pool. 

  1. It will allow players from all over the District to train with each other
  2. It provides exposure to other coaches within the District
  3. It is tailored to individual improvement over team tactics
  4. Maximise contact time with the ball
  5. Training environment to include small-sided games
  6. It will group players with similar levels of ability to enhance training and development
  7. It will provide the appropriate training group for late maturers and less experienced players
  8. It provides the opportunity to move between training groups within the Skill Centre depending on level of improvement
  9. It allows physical maturation to happen before players are slotted into specific levels of competition.
  10. Provides a coach development opportunity for Club Coaches in this age group.


  1. Players will register with their own Clubs
  2. Player Placements – one identification session will take place so coaches can group players into a training group that best suits the player’s developmental needs. The number of training groups will depend on interest (numbers) and range of ability.
  3. Regular Weekly Sessions – After the identification sessions have taken place, players will train in groups with a coach to player ratio of approximately 10 to 1.  These sessions will take place on Wednesdays so as not to conflict with Club soccer.

Note: Additional training opportunities may be arranged to suit interest and ability

  1. Competitions – Depending on group needs games may be arranged.  However, every effort will be made not to interfere with Club programming.  Competitions could include participation into the NSSL (full / half schedule), tournaments or exhibition games.  
  2. Participants are expected to make a commitment to the program and attend the vast majority of practices. Should the groups be entered into a tournament or play competitive games only players that regularly attend Skill Centre practices will be considered for the team(s).


Program Details:
Registration - Players register with their own Club and attend the placement session for their age group so training groups can be established. 
Cost - The cost of the basic training component of the program is covered through sponsorship and District funds

  • Competition and travel costs will vary depending on type and number of games

Placements – attend placement (dates below)
Training - Group Sessions to follow on Wednesday evenings (Time and Location - TBA) starting in May for the summer.
Age Groups:
U9 Girls and Boys 
As a pilot project for 2019, the U9 age group will be offered to gage interest in whether to offer the program for this age group.
            Placement Sessions:

  • Girls – Thursday April 11th 5:30 to 6:30pm HB Studios Sport Centre
  • Boys - Friday April 12th 5:30 to 6:30pm HB Studios Sport Centre

U10 / U11 Girls and Boys (change from U10 to accommodate old year age groups)
            Placement Sessions:

  • Girls – Thursday April 11th 6:30 to 7:30pm HB Studios Sport Centre
  • Boys – Friday April 12th 6:30 to 7:30pm HB Studios Sport Centre

U12 / U13 Girls and Boys 
Placement Sessions:

  • Girls – Tuesday April 16th 5:30 to 6:30pm HB Studios Sport Centre
  • Boys – Tuesday April 16th 6:30pm to 7:30pm HB Studios Sport Centre

For more information of the SSDSA Skill Centre Program – please contact Andy Cameron (